These are part one of a 7-piece nationwide ad campaign for the largest retailer in Switzerland. I styled and shot these a few months ago in collaboration with ad agency Jung Von Matt/Limmat. Billboards were hanging across Switzerland. Part two is set to be photographed next month.





High time to send some food photography your way! This bite comes from my friends over at Lela Cupcakes again.... they are the creators of the sweetest things.... like this little cake.... in perfect pale shades of pink and vanilla.... 



It's got apples in it... and poppy seeds and cranberries.... and secret magical stuff that insanely makes you go after another one immediately...!



It is finally out - the world's first absinthe cookbook! I had the idea to do this one a while ago and as there existed no entire cookbook devoted to absinthe yet, we ventured on this experimental journey.... not drinks, but food with absinthe! It's the first of the many books I've photographed that I'm also co-authoring, so it's very exciting!

This cookbook is a beautiful little pearl to have, to look at and to experiment with! But beware.... use absinthe only in tiny amounts..... it is meant to give the food just a bit of its perfume... and you'll be surprised how good it tastes!

You can buy the book here and here.
And you can also contact me directly, especially if you live outside of Europe.



I've just finished shooting the meals for my next cookbook, now going into processing the images, which is no small task! It will be the first book which I'm co-authoring, so I've really put my heart in it. We don't have a definitive title yet, but just so you know: It's about cooking with Absinthe and it will make its appearance in the Spring of 2012! 

I'm very excited about the project as there is no comparable book on cooking with Absinthe to date. Since the green fairy was prohibited for almost a century, there has been no collection of recipes. You can find plenty of drinks with Absinthe - but meals? 

Here we come, filling the gap, and are you in for a pleasant surprise! I bet it will be nothing quite like what you might expect. Gone is the infamous bitterness when you eat a cupcake with Absinthe butter cream... It's a sweet delight you may never have expected!

But for now, take a sneak peek into the mood we had on set...

Hope you enjoy and look out for the real book. I will keep you posted...



The air was chilly as the breeze started to blow again. We were just sitting down in the garden of La Fenière, as a glass fell down from the beautifully set table and broke on the ground. A joking waiter was quick to replace it and explained that it happens all the time. A man behind me was coughing out loud and a white tablecloth was whirling in the wind. Nothing aside of the pretty restaurant setting pointed to the gastronomical highlight we were about to experience.

I have been served the most delicious food by many of the most gifted and passionate chefs. Reine Sammut is one of them. In her restaurant just outside of Lourmarin, a beautiful village in the Lubéron region of Provence, she mixes products, herbs and scents of the southern Meditteranean & Provençal regions into magic. With simple and pure products she creates sensations on the highest level. With her cooking, Reine Sammut offers an explanation for the fact that more complexity in the choice of foods and their preparation does not necessarily mean greater quality..    

I was delighted about a light mousse that took its flavor from nothing but limes. Her foie gras was rolled in a powder of tiny beetroot slices. The combination of thinly sliced asparagus topped with tiny pieces of citrus fruits was as unexpected as it was simple and deliciously fresh. 

As it got darker and darker I stopped photographing and enjoyed this spectacular food... accompanying it with a local red wine from Château Revelette: Monsieur Fischer's very own "Le Grand Rouge".



I am crazy about chocolate. Yet, I admit, my favorite dessert is something else: Tartelettes au citron! I taste one in almost every bakery I pass when in France. 

To my delight, I have found out that every patisserie has its own variation on it. One tartelette is like no other tartelette! Some look good and taste good. Some look boring and taste fantastic while others are great-looking but are too sweet and sticky. Tartelettes au citron are a science of finding the perfect balance between sweet and tart, crisp and soft....  Mmmmhhh!