I have photographed the capital of the Czech Republic a hundred times over - starting in 1989 - but having the chance to show travel magazine readers my take on Prague is special. 

Because of my Czech roots I've been able to observe the city's remarkable change during the past 24 years. So it was exciting for me to shoot there for Russian Condé Nast Traveller's November issue, which is currently on sale in Russia. 

I spent the day with Veronika Dzhioeva, who is a Russian opera singer and a celebrity at home and now lives in Prague. What a gorgeous, fun, and outgoing woman! Ilya, the journalist, wasn't just my assistant for the day, but also Veronika's, carrying her red outfit-filled trolley down the bumpy cobbled streets while blissfully smoking cigarette after cigarette. 

Needless to say we had a beer and solid Czech food, for which I really must recommend Lokál where they serve food the way your average Czech mom and grandma cook - with only the freshest high-quality ingredients! Unlike 10 years ago you can eat delicious food in Prague nowadays - don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

As for courtesy, Grand Café Orient carried the day. A genuinely friendly staff and a tasty Sacher dort, which the Russians actually call the Торт Прага - Prague cake! The Café's interior alone is worth a glimpse: it's cubist, a style we very rarely see anywhere anymore.

Time is always short for reportages like this, when we rush through a city trying to stuff three days into one. And yet, we still always manage to catch our 7:30 pm flights back home. Whew!