So excited to announce the arrival of a new cookbook. Vreni Giger, the amazing chef, and AT Verlag, the publisher, made it all happen. I worked with Vreni over the course of one year at her restaurant in St. Gallen, 'Jägerhof', and it resulted in a big and beautiful book with 80 recipes.... Pure deliciousness!

Vreni is known for cooking with organic and locally grown foods to ensure the highest freshness possible. And "local" can mean right from her own garden, if you're lucky! While shooting for the book, she handpicked wild strawberries growing next to her house in the idyllic Appenzell region and they were later served for dessert at the restaurant.

I am most greateful to Vreni for how quickly she learned to adjust her food styling to my camera, so the food would look great in the pictures. Chefs always style the food for the gourmet's eyes but looking through a lens is an entirely different thing... We even used my own plates, sometimes - a wonderful collaboration. Thank you, Vreni!

And although there are many intricate recipes in the book, I'm already dreaming about one simple, but exquisite dessert: rhubarb crumble....


You can buy the book 
here and here.