I've just finished shooting the meals for my next cookbook, now going into processing the images, which is no small task! It will be the first book which I'm co-authoring, so I've really put my heart in it. We don't have a definitive title yet, but just so you know: It's about cooking with Absinthe and it will make its appearance in the Spring of 2012! 

I'm very excited about the project as there is no comparable book on cooking with Absinthe to date. Since the green fairy was prohibited for almost a century, there has been no collection of recipes. You can find plenty of drinks with Absinthe - but meals? 

Here we come, filling the gap, and are you in for a pleasant surprise! I bet it will be nothing quite like what you might expect. Gone is the infamous bitterness when you eat a cupcake with Absinthe butter cream... It's a sweet delight you may never have expected!

But for now, take a sneak peek into the mood we had on set...

Hope you enjoy and look out for the real book. I will keep you posted...